One year of Tutoring

Effort deserves reward. Over $2000 of tutoring to be awarded to driven students of any background.

Weekly Classes

Review the week's hardest concepts and learn lectures in advance with our A+ tutors.

Video tutorials

Expert video tutorials covering all main concepts for all core papers. Instant access, unlimited playback.

The funds raised through JTT are used to provide mentoring for low decile high schools in Auckland.


Deadline for applications February 1st


What does it take to enter medical school?

Students Who Felt Prepared
Attend Tutoring (Approx)
Give Up After Semester 1
Accepted into Medical School
JTT Students Accepted into Medical School
Total first year students
Approximately 1500
Successful students (undergraduate)

How many students get straight A+?

Hover to find out. The "safe" grade average is A, A, A+, A+, giving a grade point average (GPA) of 8.5 for the 4 core papers.

1.6% of students

Among the students with a rank score high enough to enter pre-med, about 20-30 students will finish the year with four A+'s. This is about 0.3% of students nationwide.
Appx. hours studied per year in high school
Appx. hours studied in first-year

How hard is the first semester?

Compared to year 13, how much harder is first-year, first semester?

300 - 400%

The consensus is that first semester is about 3 to 4 times harder in terms of time management, stress, and academics.
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee
JTT was my second home and I can’t imagine myself going through this hardcore study of 1st year Biomed without this amazing programme.
Niel Kulkarni
Niel Kulkarni
Drop all other mediocre and over priced tutoring companies and hit JTT up. You will not regret it!!! More than the exceptional academic services that were provided (as attested by all other 5 star reviews)
Tiffany Lu
Tiffany Lu
All the 5 star reviews are legit, and honestly it's not really accurate... because JTT deserves 100 stars out of 5 imo– I'm sure many of us that have been helped by JTT would agree.
Nela Louise Hefford
Nela Louise Hefford
JTT really helped me this year in so many ways. Justin and all of his tutors are amazing and gave me great advice whenever I was struggling. Im really glad I used his services… I would highly recommend JTT to anyone going into first year…

Average 5x higher rate of entry to medical school compared to normal.
99.7% satisfaction rating.   4.9/5 across 200+ reviews.   99.6% would recommend.

Read over a hundred more reviews by real students at…

When roughly 1/3 of medical students attended tutoring, we're more than that.

JTT is about students. Our managers were our students. Our tutors were our students. And our priority is our students. We assist hundreds of students aiming to enter medical school every year, and through our experience we’ve learned something.

It’s not about the tutoring.

It’s about the environment. It’s about the friends who influence you. It’s about the support you have, the way you study, and the time you act. Our students know this and thrive. JTT provides more than just the best academic tutoring because our students are family. We take care of family.

Need a first-year strategy?

Our student advisor, Dr Hiwa Baker, is trained to help you make informed decisions and create robust strategies to tackle your year the right way.

A service proudly provided by Foster Our Future, 100% NZ social enterprise.

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