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Foster Our Future is a 100% New Zealand owned social enterprise. We exist to mentor more effectively than anybody else and connect driven students to exceptional mentors.


Because mentors change lives

We know it’s true. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunities to meet great mentors.

We live in a competitive world of mass-consumption, mass-production, and mass-education.

Our education system hasn’t evolved in over 400 years. Forget preparing for the future, it doesn’t even prepare us for the present! And in this age of information, we’ve started to lose the learning that occurs between real people.

Mentoring is a journey walked by thousands before you.

Socrates mentored Plato. Plato mentored Aristotle. Steve Jobs mentored Mark Zuckerberg. Warren Buffet mentored Bill Gates.

It’s learning the way it was meant to be: through experience, not through outdated curricula and meaningless assessments.

Unfortunately, finding the right mentor is a challenge. But it shouldn’t be. 

Ambitions should be given a chance, regardless of your background. A hunger to learn should be fed. Drive should be rewarded and good mentoring should be accessible.

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