Mentor Application

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The Mentor's Role

Mentors are essential to a successful youth development program. If you are a passionate university student or young professional (aged 20-40), we want you! We welcome people who are motivated to give back to the community and help raise our future leaders.

Both low decile and high decile students have the drive to be leaders in their community, each with their own different, but equally important, perspectives to attain and barriers to overcome.


  • Age 20-39
  • High level of academic, personal, or professional success
    • There are no formal cut-off values for eligibility as your achievements are viewed holistically. If in doubt, apply!
  • Be passionate about giving back to the community
  • Be a confident communicator
  • Be willing and able to take on the important role of a mentor
  • Engage enthusiastically in training, workshops and in their mentoring work

All mentors will receive training* and extensive support for their role.

*Training and evaluations attendance is mandatory.

Mentors are support figures. You do not need to have all the right answers or think yourself profound or wise. Good mentors have the following characteristics:

  1. Empathetic
  2. Excellent critical thinkers
  3. Good communication skills
  4. Passion and drive to give back, pay it forward, and produce impact
  5. Reliable
  6. Interested, committed and involved in self-development and personal growth

If this list describes you, we want you.

The short answer is no.

The Foster Our Future mentoring program is a non-subject focused learning program teaching the skills for learning, reflecting and applying strengths. While we often help mentees navigate through their academic content, we do so by facilitating their own problem-solving abilities, asking the right questions and helping mentees think in a more optimal way. The benefits of this transfer easily to greater academic performance.

If mentees have academic needs greater than anticipated, learning specialists are available to offer intensive expert support.

Our mentees often have an enormous range of skills that they need to learn and develop competency with. To support them, we provide them with a personalised roadmap and resource set that does most the “teaching” of content and soft skills. Your role as a mentor will be to:

  • Support the mentee on their journey
  • Give them confidence and self-belief
  • Provide real-world relevance
  • Contribute your insight and experience
  • Help connect them to opportunities or environments that they may not have access to
  • Guide them to become better goal-setters and problem solvers

These fundamental skills are covered in our mentor training program.

Our framework sets a guideline of 1 session per month. Each session is typically 1 to 2 hours long. The frequency of sessions may depend on the need of the mentee, however, it is very rarely more than once per fortnight. In between sessions, you are likely to communicate with the mentee, answering questions and checking in. via our online course platform or through personal devices.

You may be eligible to be one of our specialist mentors if you have at least 6 years of industry experience.

Specialist mentors have a fundamentally different role in our program. Rather than supporting the mentee on a monthly basis as they develop their skills, specialist mentors meet with small groups of students who aspire to enter your industry. Sessions are held two or three times per year for each group and you can have as many or as few groups as you want.

Each session will:

  • Introduce mentees to real-world experience and insight
  • Give you an opportunity to maximally leverage your wealth of experiences
  • Motivate and excite mentees about their future career
  • Provide more in-depth information about what it takes to achieve and succeed in your field
  • Connect and provide mentees with workplace experiences, exposures and opportunities that are normally unavailable to the public
  • Calibrate the learning they are undergoing now to how it becomes relevant in their future
  • Allow mentees to ask questions to an experienced industry professional, helping them make more informed career decisions

If you are interested in being a specialist mentor, please email