Study Efficiently (Advanced)

What if you could study like the top 0.05% of students in the world?

The lessons in this course dissect the most research-driven studying strategies available, combined with the wealth of study coaching experience we have accumulated. The result is an entire studying system geared to maximise the efficiency at which your brain can learn.

From our evaluations of over 5000 students, of the top 23% of students nationally, less than 2% of those have an evidence-based study system that is optimised to their learning and helps them turn over high results in practice. Of those 2%, less than 10% use more than 50% of the strategies in this course. That’s less than 0.05% of all students.

This Advanced course is the next step up from the Basic course. Due to the difficulty of the advanced course, you are required to have completed the Basic course before starting this.

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We design our courses with the gold-standard in mind.

We search high and low for the best resources to produce the most practical and effective impact. Sometimes, the best resource isn’t up to our standards and we invite experts to help us construct them.

By the end of the this course, you will:

  1. Gain a strong understanding of learning psychology which can be used for self-improvement
  2. Diversify and vary your studying experience in an effective, rather than distracting or arbitrary way
  3. Problem-solve your own learning barriers and personalise your own learning strategies like an expert
  4. Memorise information up to 8 times more easily
  5. Confidently manage up to 4 times more volume of study content
  6. Navigate new and unfamiliar content with confidence
  7. Understand difficult concepts quickly and comfortably

Sound too good to be true? Don’t worry, it isn’t, because it’s hard.

This course should only be attempted by students who have mastered the Basic course. It is for only the most driven students who wish to push their learning ability to the maximum. It will take hundreds of hours of dedicated practice (compared to the tens of thousands of hours if you were to do it alone) and we strongly recommend students to pair their progress with individual sessions by our learning specialists.

Of course, during these hundreds of hours, you will constantly see incremental gains to your studying efficiency.

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