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What You Need After High School (To Win)

50 years ago, prior to the technology boom, almost every industry in the world operated very differently. Some of the most sought-after jobs today didn’t even exist 20 years ago.

To put that in perspective, that means that you may end up working in a career that was born after you were.

Unfortunately, education is very slow to change.

We still use the heavily outdated strategies that we know are not designed logically and, ultimately, the school system of today prepares you for a future of yesterday.

A photo of modern schooling (

You probably can’t choose what education system you go through, but you do have a different choice.

Will you choose to carry on and hope for the best, or take control of your learning and progress your life by design? In other words, what do students really need to succeed?

There are countless factors that influence your likelihood to “make it” – no matter what that means for each individual. But, some of these factors are definitely more influential, and more importantly, more foundational.

So what does foundational mean?

Foundational means giving rise to more; something to build off.

Here’s a relevant example:

The time management system you use might greatly aid your productivity, but it’s really the product of years of good reflective practice. Even without being taught, being a good thinker and planner can give rise to an efficient and organised system.

Therefore, we can view reflection as being more foundational to great time management, and similarly that it would be difficult to become super organised without lots of reflection. An example of the latter occurring would be like randomly waving your shoelaces around and making a perfect knot. It is possible, but you’d waste a whole lot of time.

Intuitively, you know that foundational attributes are far more important. Would you rather know what a genius knows, or just be a genius yourself? You would probably choose the latter, which proves the point.

The following are the 5 most foundational factors for success.

These are incomparably more important than the actual topics you learn. After all, if you have these down, your academic ability should shoot through the roof.

Note that this is an opinion piece, albeit opinions shared by many experts in the educational field.

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