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Useful Resources

Useful models, frameworks, apps, and other tools to win at life. If you have any suggestions for us to review, leave them in the comments below.


Niesh – If you’re a student, you’d be a fool not to have this app on your phone. Heavy discounts for students and job/internships offers.

Asana – A flexible task management solution to track tasks and projects. Ideal for lots of projects and tasks for people with lots on their plate. Can also be used with teams and collaborators.

SticK – A habit tracking and developing app to help you stay committed and achieve your goals. It allows buddying with friends or family (or your mentor) to increase accountability. This app was created by behavioural economists at Yale University.

Balanced on iOS and Android – Another habit tracking and developing app to develop healthy habits. It limits habit development to three at a time to maximise sustainability and prevent you from being overwhelmed.

Sessions on iOS or TimeTune for Android – A time management and activity tracking app to allow you to plan and structure your day with timed blocks or sessions. Great for calibrating how long activities really take and keeping you in flow from activity to activity.

Headspace and Calm – Both award-winning and amazing apps for mindfulness and meditation. Easy for beginners and suitable for intermediate. Even those with a significant background in traditional meditation may find these apps useful. They each take a slightly different approach to mindfulness meditation so both are worth downloading and experimenting with. For anyone serious about increasing their stress management, this is a no-brainer.

Fortune City – a gamified money management app to help you track spending, create budgets, and identify your spending trends or wastes.

FitNotes – Gym workout tracking and calculation app, primarily geared towards strength and resistance work, with all the main cardio tracking requirements. Ideal for creating schedules and easily calculating workout volume, total weight, frequency, etc. This app has more analytics than most.

MyFitnessPal – The undisputed leader in calorie counting and macro-nutrient tracking. Barcode scanning and a staggeringly enormous database of foods allows you to track everything you eat with relative ease. A committed, but highly effective first step for people serious about cleaning their diet, used by all levels of people, from everyday beginners to competitive body-builders.

Quizzes and other resources

Career planning – A quiz by Careers NZ which generates a list of career ideas from broad, non-biasing statements. Check out CareerQuest here.

Forcefield analysis template – a framework for creating solutions to barriers in the way of reaching your goals.

Big Five Personality Test – Based on the Big Five Personality Traits or five-factor model, is a cornerstone of modern personality psychology. Each of the five traits have been found to contain most known personality traits and are assumed to represent the basic structure behind all personality traits. The same five traits have been found across at least four independent sets of researchers over the last few decades. All traits are highly inter-correlated, however it is not reliable at explaining or predicting actual behaviours.

It is still more well validated than the more common Myers-Briggs model.

Take the Big Five Personality Test here.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator – Personality Test (MGTI) – This is a personality quiz based on the conceptual theory of Carl Jung, who speculated that humans experience the world using sensation, intuition, feeling, and thinking, with one of the four being more dominant for individuals. Although this is popular, the MGTI has been found to have significant deficiencies with poor validity and reliability. The categories it measures are also not independent or comprehensive. There is some correlation with the Big Five personality traits above, which is a better validated framework.

Take the MGTI test (with a grain of salt).

Managing stress with meditation (handout) – this easy to read, one-page document is a simple summary of what meditation is and how it can help.

Identifying your values: value cards activity – When your behaviours are not aligned with your values, this can cause stress, dissatisfaction, and poor decision-making. Here is an online value sort activity to help figure out where your values lie. You can also download a different physical copy as a PDF here.

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