Any Background.
Any Career.

You Drive. We Steer.

Completely tailored mentoring and soft skills development to help students succeed; no matter what ‘success’ means. 

Mentoring Done Right

The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.


The Right Mentor

A role model is waiting. Algorithmic matching with professionals and top university students.

The Right Methods

Learn to think like a genius. Follow a tailored road-map with our evidence-based program and online courses.

The Right Opportunities

Pair learning with experience. Access our network of professionals and challenge yourself in the real-world.

If I hadn't had mentors, I wouldn't be here today. I'm a product of great mentoring... Coaches or mentors are very important.

Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo

I don't care who you are or what you do for a living... If you do it well I'm sure there was someone cheering you on or showing the way. A mentor.

Denzel Washington, Actor, Director and Producer

Mentors Make aDifference

Steve Jobs mentored Mark Zuckerberg. Christian Dior mentored Yves St. Laurent. Warren Buffett mentored Bill Gates. Mentors change lives. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to meet great mentors.

4.9 Average Over 200+ Ratings
$ 0
Value of Scholarships Per Year
Would Recommend
Student Satisfaction
Of Profit to Scholarships
Baseline Average Skills Level46%
Average Skills Level After Mentoring80%

*Evaluation based on self-reported and mentor scored attributes of 25 mentees over 3 years (avg 4.2 sessions; avg 5.8 month duration). Soft skills (% of mentees who were assessed for the attribute): Confidence (92%), Reflection (76%), Critical Thinking (60%), Learning Efficiency (56%), Other remaining skills (48%)

Rida Basharat
Rida Basharat
Year 13 Student, 17
Foster Our Future enhances your abilities to help yourself, instead of spoonfeeding you. It’s a program designed for students willing to enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which are often ignored in the classroom.
Niel Kulkarni
Niel Kulkarni
Medical Student, 19
So many students go through their academic years struggling to get the grades the want... the fantasy of 'enjoying your learning', 'completing this assignment without stress', 'having a social life outside of Uni' doesn't seem so far fetched now!
Ceejay Chen
Ceejay Chen
Young Professional, 24
I never really believed in mentoring before... I would definitely recommend this mentoring program if you're looking to develop your life or academic skills.
Nevyn Burns
Nevyn Burns
Year 12 Student, 16
I would recommend Foster Our Future highly… Their comprehensive and enjoyable lessons for study and future steps in our academic paths, as well as character development across a spectrum of skills, prepare us for our futures.
Rommel Tongonan
Rommel Tongonan
Year 12 Student, 16
It’s really helpful to have someone who recently has gone through what you’re going through. It helps in dealing with anxiety about the future and answering questions you don’t normally get answered to a satisfying level. Who better to help me than these people?
Jazz Asiata
Jazz Asiata
Year 12 Student, 16
I learnt that staying within the curriculum can pose as a hindrance as it restricts you from learning ahead, forcing you to follow at your peers' pace of learning.
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